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Neil Roberts Mediation: Brisbane & South-east Queensland

Conflict management services for workplace and family disputes.

Areas of practice:

Workplace & Organisational Disputes
supervisors & employees
business partners
dysfunctional work-groups
allegations of harassment, bullying or discrimination
parenting plans
property settlement
section 60I certificates

Telephone Mediation

Telephone mediation is a convenient alternative to face-to-face mediation sessions. Telephone mediation may be appropriate for the following situations:

  • where both parties live long distances apart
  • where one party is unable or unwilling to meet face-to-face with the other party
  • where safety considerations are a concern to one or more of the parties


An outline of what to expect from a mediation session can be found on the Australian Government Attorney General's Department  or Family Relationships Online websites.

Parties to a mediation are required to sign an Agreement to Participate in Mediation prior to commencement.

More detail of the mediation process can be found in the National Mediation Practice Standards.

Mediation is often chosen as an alternative to litigation.  It can be cheaper, faster and more flexible than court processes.  It is also confidential and less adversarial.




Hourly rate plus room hire (where applicable)

Discounted rates for Concession Card holders (CRN number required)

Co-mediation fees (by arrangement)

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